Havana, Cuba.- Cuba is betting on the application of homeopathy, which, due to its potential and impact on health and quality of life, constitutes a valid therapeutic care system in the Caribbean country.

On the occasion of World Homeopathy Day, Dr. Johann Perdomo Delgado, head of the Natural and Traditional Medicine Department of the Ministry of Public Health (Minsap), reflected on the date and the imprint of German physician Christian Friederick Samuel Hahnemann, promoter of the subject.

Homeopathy, given its incidence and proven advantages for the population, is one of the 11 modalities of Natural and Traditional Medicine regulated and widely used in Cuba, the Minsap website reported.

In favor of its use, it highlights the use of this therapeutic option in the prevention of leptospirosis, documented in more than one article published in indexed journals.

He highlighted that the Cuban scientist Concepción Campa Huergo was responsible for the introduction of the complex homeopathic medicines TratHo and PrevengHo, which are in high demand by the Cuban population.

For the Head of the Department of Natural and Traditional Medicine of Minsap, homeopathy is one more tool in the hands of health professionals, not only physicians or stomatologists, but also veterinarians.

The results and scope of its practice are best demonstrated, he said, in specialized pharmacies, where patients with different pathologies and various health problems come daily.

He said that on the island there are favorable experiences with the use of homeopathy in the specific treatment of bronchial asthma, blepharitis, nephritic colic and renal lithiasis, subprosthetic stomatitis, arterial hypertension and Covid-19.

The island’s Cuadro Básico de Productos Naturales also includes AliviHo-Inmune, another homeopathic complex that in this case is recommended as an auxiliary stimulant of the immune system, particularly in patients in recovery or convalescence periods.

He said that Cuba is implementing a homeopathy diploma course that has an impact on the training of doctors, stomatologists and pharmacists, and in turn on the specialty of natural and traditional medicine.

The specialist acknowledged the dedication and talent of Cuban professionals, who face daily shortages and limitations of a material and economic nature, caused by the cruel policy of the U.S. blockade against Cuba and the unjust inclusion in the list of state sponsors of terrorism.

He also pointed out the great demand for this type of products among the population, highlighting the high acceptance and efficacy among the elderly