Havana, Cuba.- Cuba is perfecting its higher education system in order to train professionals with broader profiles and allow greater access to this level of instruction, educational authorities assured today.

According to the director of Vocational Training of the Ministry of Higher Education (MES), Deisy Fraga, from 2013 on the island began a process of transformation that included, among some aspects, the integration of higher education centers.

In a press conference, Fraga referred to the unification of universities of the MES, Pedagogical Sciences and Physical Culture, actions that respond to the needs of society and the process of computerization of the country, among others.

In this regard, the scholar explained that in 2013 there were approximately 68 universities in the national territory and today that number was reduced to 50.

Guaranteeing higher quality professional training through the improvement of curricula and expanding access to higher education in different modalities, such as distance and encounter courses turn out specific guidelines of the MES, she pointed out.

At the meeting, other authorities in the sector talked about the process of reducing several majors to four years, including some of pedagogical profile, as well as natural and social sciences.

The improvement of the English language in the university curricula is also a priority, stressed Santiago Jorge Rivera, management advisor of the Vocational Training of the MES.

Using English as a tool for the future practice of the profession and in defense of national identity is one of the goals of this process, Rivera ensured.