Havana, Cuba.- President Miguel Díaz-Canel said on Wednesday that Cuba will always defend the respect for the sovereignty and independence of Latin American and Caribbean countries

In an interview with Spanish journalist and writer Ignacio Ramonet, published in Granma newspaper, the head of State assured that Cuba maintains a position of “respect for the self-determination of the sociopolitical system that they assume, and the willingness to have the most supportive and cooperative relationship, regardless of systems and ideologies.”

Díaz-Canel stressed that Cuba never breaks relations with Latin American countries, but tries to resolve any issue where there may be acrimony and divergent positions through dialogue.

He pointed out that Cuba’s shows of solidarity with Latin America and the Caribbean reinforce that principle, which has had various manifestations such as sending doctors, teachers and internationalist collaborators to several countries in the region.

“Today, amid the situation in Haiti, when many are thinking about intervention in Haiti or interference in Haiti’s internal affairs, we have a medical brigade providing services to the Haitian people,” he added.

When asked about the crises in the continent, the Cuban president explained that they are an expression of all the contradictions that exist globally and are also manifested at the regional level in the case of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Díaz-Canel also referred to the friendly and brotherly relations with the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador and with Mexico, the only country that did not break off relations with Cuba when the United States called on the Organization of American States to isolate the Caribbean island.