International News

29 July, 2016 Pittsburgh Declares July 30 as Day of Friendship for Cuba and the US

Washington, United States.-Upcoming July 30 will be declared the Day of Friendship between Cuba and the US, according to an agreement adopted by the Council of the US city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The proposal was sponsored by councilwoman Natalie Rudiak, who counted on the support of Bruce Kraus, President of the Council, and council delegates […]

29 July, 2016 Fidel Castro is an Example to the World, say Indian Communists

New Delhi, India.-The Communist Party of India (PCI) said today that the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, is an example for new generations and a symbol of anti-imperialist struggles in the world. Under your able and courageous leadership, Cuba managed to turn an exploitative system into a better society, says a letter […]

28 July, 2016 Dom Rep Hosts Continental Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.-The 8th Continental Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba begins today in Dominican Republic in the presence of hundreds of delegates from 24 countries. The event has been organized by the Dominican Campaign of Solidarity with Cuba, the Puerto Rican Committee of Solidarity with Cuba and the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the […]

28 July, 2016 Young Cubans Pay Tribute to Commander Hugo Chavez

Havana, Cuba.-Cuban youth, on behalf of the nation, will pay tribute today to Cuba”s eternal friend, Venezuelan and Bolivarian Commander, Hugo Chavez. In the Historical Morro-Cabaña Military Complex in Havana, the Young Communist League (UJC) and other student movements and organizations will celebrate the 62nd birthday of the man who was described by the historic […]

21 July, 2016 US Blockade Hampers Progress of Relations with Cuba

Havana, Cuba.-The persistence of the U.S. blockade on Cuba hinders today the progress of the process to normalize bilateral relations, the general director of the United States Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Josefina Vidal, said. In interview with Granma newspaper, the official stated that after one year of the restoration of diplomatic relations, […]

21 July, 2016 US Blockade Hinders Progress of US-Cuba Relations

Havana, cuba.-The US blockade against Cuba hinders the progress of the process of normalization of bilateral ties, the director general of the United States division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Josefina Vidal, said. In an interview with the Granma newspaper, the official said that a year after the start of the rapprochement […]

21 July, 2016 Trade Contacts with Cuba Increase through Business Forums

Havana, Cuba.- Trade contacts with Cuba have increased with regular business forums organized by the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba to provide visiting delegations with information. Delegations from the United States, Spain, Canada, Bahamas, Panama and South Africa, to name a few, were able to hold meetings with their Cuban counterparts to […]

21 July, 2016 Dual Meet between Cuba and the US in Baseball Agreed for July

Havana, cuba.-The national teams of Cuba and the United States will celebrate their traditional dual meet in baseball with five matches from July 23rd to 27th, in several provinces of Cuba. Both teams will play their first and second matches at the Jose Ramon Cepero in the Cuban province of Ciego de Avila (July 23rd […]

20 July, 2016 Vietnamese Deputy Defense Minister Continues Visit to Cuba

Havana, Cuba.-Vietnamese Deputy Defense Minister, Nguyen Chi Vinh, today continues his visit to Cuba with tours of military schools and facilities of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR). The member of the Vietnamese Communist Partyâ?Ös Central Committee and FARâ?Ös First Deputy Minister, Alvaro Lopez, yesterday paid tribute to Antonio Maceo at the mausoleum where his remains […]

19 July, 2016 Cuba and Bahamas on Tourist Business Together

Havana, Cuba.-Tourism is supplying sources for business between Cuba and the Bahamas, as representatives from both countries who started a forum of two days to identify new chances for trade and investments, evaluated here Monday. The forum found the multi-desination offers inside the Caribbean zone among the concrete possibilties, said Edison L. Sumner, executive director […]