Worthy Guardians of Health and Life

Health workers, worthy representatives of the Revolution.

HAVANA, Cuba.- Delivering the best of themselves to their patients, to whom they look in the eye and touch with humility, being able to animate the soul of millions, not only save lives and cure them but prevent them, our health professionals arrive this Tuesday to the Latin American Medicine Day.

The date is in close connection with Cuba, as it is the birthday of eminent scientist Carlos J. Finlay, discoverer of the transmitting agent of yellow fever.

It is also time to honor Fidel, creator of the Cuba’s Family Doctor-and-Nurse Program, with a more personalized and accessible attention, preventive approach and greater social projection.

The low infant mortality rate, being the first country in the world to certify the elimination of vertical transmission of congenital HIV and syphilis, and the presence of thousands of collaborators in more than 60 nations, are successes of Cuban medicine.

Deep Humanist Vocation

Trained with the highest quality, high ethical values, humanist and revolutionary, health professionals show selflessness, solidarity and heroism in Cuba and other parts of the world.

Amid the empire’s dirty campaigns and shameless attack on the medical cooperation and spirit of solidarity of the Cuban Revolution, our collaborators, who earned the respect and affection of the people in the most humble places in Bolivia and Ecuador, returned with dignity and their heads held high.

When they return being more than doctors with a revolutionary and human experience that has magnified them, we feel more pride in the value of Cuban medicine, a light of hope for the world.

As Minister Jose Angel Portal, said, Cuban doctors will always be where they are needed, respected and recognized. They are worthy guardians of health and life.