Buenos Aires, Argentina.- The president of the Union of Cuban Residents in Argentina (URCA), Adonis Torres, has highlighted today the importance of the historic consultation and popular debate on the draft Constitution of the island, in which everyone can participate.

The popular consultation, Torres told Prensa Latina, will allow us to add up criteria and opinions of Cuban residents abroad, constituting a civic act of all Cubans, as Jose Marti said, ‘With all and for the good of all’.

He highlighted the extent of the new update of the Constitution, which covers all political, economic, social and legal aspects of the nation, with issues of the present and future of Cuba.

The project of our Magna Carta deepens the socialist system and democracy of the Cuban people, broadening rights and seeking to further strengthen our identity, said the president of the URCA, who assured that from this southern nation they are ready for debate.

‘We have the social, work and geographical experience acquired in our regions and places of residence, and we observe with great importance the contributions, modifications and changes made by the members of the National Assembly who discussed the governing document to update it to current times,’ he added.

Torres mentioned as an example crucial issues which will actualize the current Cuban Constitution of 1976, such as the incorporation of the concept of the Socialist Rule of Law in order to strengthen institutions and the rule of law.

Finally, he praised the possibility for Cubans from abroad to participate, express their opinions and debate on the popular consultation on the draft Constitution, which will conclude November 15.

The criteria issued will be sent to the National Assembly for the drawing up of the Constitution, which will then be submitted to a referendum on approval.