Havana, Cuba.- The 5th Congress of the National Association of the Deaf of Cuba (ANSOC) will conclude on Wednesday in this capital with the presentation of the organization’s new board of directors and the approval of its plan of actions in favor of that community.

At the event, held at Havana’s Convention Center, the president of the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD), Joseph J. Murray, highlighted the Cuban government’s support for the ANSOC.

The WFD president also recognized the participation of the Cuban State in the process of social inclusion of the deaf Cuban community. The Congress involves 130 national delegates who analyzed initiatives to reach higher standards of living, inclusion and social recognition of people with hearing disabilities.

At the forum, representatives of Cuban ministries and institutions linked to the life and care of deaf people responded to various concerns and requirements of the delegates representing nearly 25,000 ANSOC members.

The Cuban delegates reviewed the work of the ANSOC, the new projects and research works in favor of the members’ inclusion in socially useful activities.

The WFD is an international non-governmental organization with delegates in 133 countries who represent nearly 70 million deaf people around the world. Cuba has been a member of the group since 1984.