Cuban President Raul Castro.

HAVANA, Cuba. – Graduates of the University of Informatics Sciences (UCI), together with Rector Miriam Nicado, gave Commander of the Revolution Guillermo Garcia a postcard for Army General Raul Castro.

They also send to the Cuban president the replica of the sculpture of student leader Julio Antonio Mella, located in the emblematic plaza of the UCI, name after the founder of the University Student Federation.

In the ceremony, Rector Nicado noted that after five years, the almost 370 graduates express gratitude for having been trained at a contemporary, revolutionary and innovative university.

She said the UCI maintains the firm commitment to continue along Fidel’s path to develop skills and train capable professionals and transformers connected to the future and the Revolution.

The Dignity of Knowledge

Jose Ramon Saborido Loidi, Minister of Higher Education, and Miriam Nicado, rector of the University of Informatics Sciences awarded the Mella Award to four graduates for their relevant results in their comprehensive training.

Carlos Yordan, Ortelio Hernandez, Daynis Rodriguez, Reiman Alonso, Alejandro Medina, and Ismary Izquierdo received UCI’s Gold title for their educational, productive and investigative results.

On behalf of the graduates, Yordan Gonzalez thanked the professors and their families for the teaching and education they received to become computer engineers.