Diaz-Canel evokes arrival of the Caravan of Freedom to Havana.

HAVANA, Cuba.- The President of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel, evoked this Tuesday the arrival of the Caravan of Freedom to Havana, led by Fidel Castro Ruz in 1959.

The Capital was filled with bearded people and the people followed the caravan to Columbia, now a school city. There Fidel and the people talked. A dove on his shoulder and honesty in his words marked January 8 as the happiest day in the history of Havana, the President wrote on his Twitter account.

When the Revolution triumphed, most of the Cuban people lived in utter misery, thousands died of preventable diseases, illiteracy rate was astronomical, and racial and gender discrimination were notable.

Thanks to the process led by Fidel, in kindergarten, elementary, special and high school education, the continuity of studies is assured to millions of students.