Caracas, Venezuela.- Before shaking off the dust from the road, as the Cuban Hero Jose Marti did in 1881, the Caribbean delegation to the 25th Sao Paulo Forum paid tribute to the Liberator Simon Bolivar in Caracas on Thursday.

From the square that bears the name of the National Hero of Venezuela, Cuban People’s Power National Assembly legislator Yoerkis Cuellar said that Bolivar is reborn and grows while his example dignifies the necessary Latin American and Caribbean unity.

Cuellar, who is also the director of the newspaper Juventud Rebelde, noted that the Forum is the opportunity to open the people’s thinking on the unity that must prevail in the world left to face the constant threats of the hegemonic powers against the progressive countries.

Some 30 representatives of Cuban political, social and solidarity organizations paid tribute to Marti in the square that bears his name in Caracas, a collateral activity that opens the Forum.

Rosa Miriam Elizalde, first vice president of the Association of Cuban Journalists (UPEC), stressed that 138 years have passed since the visit of the Cuban national hero to Caracas and the arrival of the delegates to the left-wing meeting; however, the continent is currently facing the same threats by the United States.

‘The Latin American scenario, if we get carried away by some current signs, might seem as bleak as almost 200 years ago,’ said Elizalde, who quoted the Brazilian anthropologist Darcy Ribeiro, who said that there is a new colonization by the hand of the new technologies, which have the capacity to make millions of people idiot.

The Cuban delegates, along with the rest of the representatives from more than 124 political parties attending the forum, will learn on Thursday about the achievements made by the Bolivarian Revolution, as part of an exhibition prepared by the Organizing Committee of Venezuela.