After the coup d'état in Bolivia, violence is constant. Photo/Prensa Latina.

After the coup d’état in Bolivia, violence is constant. Photo/Prensa Latina.

LA PAZ, Bolivia.- This Wednesday, Amanda Davila, former Minister of Communication of former President Evo Morales called Bolivia’s de facto government, led by self-proclaimed Jeanine Anez, a terror regime.

Through her Twitter account, the journalist expressed that the coup ended a decade of significant human rights advances during leader Morales’ tenure in the South American nation.

Yes, with Evo in Bolivia there were significant advances in human rights in 10 years that were razed by the de facto government that kills, persecutes, imprisons, paves, implements evidence and violates rights and guarantees, Davila said.

In another tweet, the former Bolivian Minister of Communication alluded to the report of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights that recommends 16 actions and describes what happened in the Bolivian towns of Sacaba and Senkata as a massacre.