Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.- The world requires international solidarity like never before, the Dominican Communist Party of Labor (PCT) stated.

Upon expressing its support on Sunday for the recent statement by the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs entitled ‘The pandemic demonstrates the need for cooperation despite political differences,’ the PCT reiterated that humanity is one.

An assessment sent to Prensa Latina by the PCT’s International Relations Commission, stressed that collaboration must reign independently of viewpoints that do not coincide in ideological, ethnic, religious matters and any other disturbing element of the necessary harmony that must reign among the members of human species.

The information recounts how humanity through history has always resorted to collective actions to get out of great problems and now fighting the novel SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, solidarity becomes an urgent factor.

We agree with Cuba that the virus reached a world where the impressive progress in science and technology, particularly health, are increasingly concentrated in the pharmaceutical business and the commercialization of medicine, instead of to aim to ensure the welfare and healthy life of the majority.

Finally, the Communist Party stated that Cuba has known how to practice international solidarity, it was evidenced in Africa, Latin America and the most recent expression when it sent more than 20 brigades of health workers to fight the coronavirus pandemic in the world.