Havana, Cuba.- The National Electoral Commission of Cuba (CEN) reported today that two hours after the opening of the polling stations, more than two million persons had exercised their right to vote the constitutional referendum.

Until 09:00 (local time) two million 690 thousand 419 voters went to the polls, and this represents 30.6 percent of the total of the updated list, said National Electoral Commission (CEN) authorities.

In its second report, CEN made some comparisons with other consultations carried out previously and considered that it is a good result.

The president of the National Electoral Commission (CEN), Alina Balseiro, assured that the referendum goes smoothly.

Balseiro confirmed the figure of more than eight million 600 thousand voters and highlighted the electoral environment prevailing Cuba.

The appointment at the polls began at 07:00, (local time), as scheduled, and will run until 18:00.