Havana, Cuba.- The Economic Society of Friends of the Country (SEAP) reported today that it will pay tribute in memoriam next Wednesday, February 21, to the recently deceased academic Dr. Emilio García Capote.

Capote was one of Cuba’s first analysts on scientific and technological politics and its relations with economic and social development. He was also an Academician of Merit of the Cuban Academy of Sciences and a relevant Member of the SEAP.

His written work includes the titles Questions of science and technology in Cuba and Science and technology in Cuba. Background and development, as well as his participation in the compilation of Fidel Castro’s thoughts about science, technology and society in the period 1959-1991. He also bequeathed an important collection of articles for the Anales Magazine of the Cuban Academy of Sciences, and the Cuban Bimestre Magazine, the publication organ of the SEAP.

In 2001 he received the Carlos J. Finlay Order, the highest national decoration awarded to Cuban and foreign scientists.