Havana, Cuba.- Experts from the Pedro Kourí Tropical Medicine Institute in Cuba shared information with colleagues and authorities from Guyana, The Gambia and Lesotho as part of actions to confront the Covid-19 pandemic, he said today. Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez.

As part of Cuba’s international cooperation actions to help mitigate Covid-19, a videoconference was held from the Central Unit for Medical Cooperation, the foreign minister wrote on his Twitter account.

The tweet accompanied him with a photo of the virtual meeting, although he did not specify the date or the number of participants.

In addition to health collaboration with some 60 nations, the Caribbean island sent to 21 countries 21 brigades of the International Contingent of Doctors Specialized in Disaster Situations and Serious Epidemics Henry Reeve.

Such missions add to or reinforce existing brigades to combat the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.