United Nations, United Nations.- The US blockade currently has a strong impact on the communications and information technology sector in Cuba and generates millions of dollars in losses, according to the island’s representation to the United Nations.

Cuba’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Pedro Luis Pedroso stressed that, despite the obstacles, his country is making headway in the process of society informatization.

The ambassador also stressed that the damages and economic losses caused by the US blockade to the communications and information technology sector, included telecommunications, during the period from January to July 2021, are estimated at 37.5 million dollars.

Addressing the General Debate of the 44th meeting of the Committee on Information on Tuesday, Pedroso referred on how Cuba is working strenuously on the development of telecommunications infrastructure and services.

In fact, the Cuban diplomat added, this Information and Communications Technologies sector is part of the strategic mainstays within the National Economic and Social Development Plan until 2030.

The Cuban representative to the international organization also warned about the progressive and systematic increase in the aggressiveness of US policy against his country in recent years.

The Cuban ambassador also advocated for establishing a new, more just and equitable world information and communications order aimed at strengthening peace and international understanding.