Havana, Cuba.- Environmental movements must take a leading role on a global and local scale in the face of the challenge of preserving the planet, said Angel Reyes, a research professor at the University of the Cuban province of Holguin (UHO).

Today’s world is in total challenge; there is a disproportionate exploitation of natural resources; it is the scenario of migrations due to the scarcity of water due to an increasingly aggressive climate that causes dissimilar diseases, the Cuban sociologist told Prensa Latina.

Although he recognized the active role of young people like Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg, he said it is not enough, because it requires the real commitment of the most experienced generation for the salvation of the planet.

He stressed that Cuba is not unaware of the threats, but unlike other countries, the authorities are taking concrete actions to mitigate the effects of climate change in the country through the so-called Life Task.

He pointed out that the Cuban government’s plan first and foremost promotes the preservation of coastal municipalities.

However, he considered that it is necessary to continue training promoters and work constantly on environmental sanitation.

‘Research centers, including universities, should encourage many more collaborative projects and deepen territorial programs with an emphasis on local development,’ he suggested.