Washington, United States.- Cuban and Latin American emigration organizations in the US city of Miami, Florida, on Wednesday stressed the importance of the 8th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) to be held from April 16 to 19.

In a press release, those entities recalled the leading role of the PCC, as established in the Constitution of the Republic, endorsed in a plebiscite by the vast majority of the citizens of Cuba.

The document denounces ‘the subversive, terrorist and genocidal plans against the Revolution, which are currently being developed; especially in these tragic Covid-19 times.’

The statement is signed by the organizations of the Cuban and Latin American emigration that, in Miami, integrate the Marti’s Coalition Alliance, the Antonio Maceo Brigade, the Marti’s Alliance -as an individual entity; the Jose Marti Cultural Association, the Bolivarian Circle of Miami, Negra Hipolita, the Women’s Association and Radio Miami.

The signatories point out the need to recall everyone of the inescapable commitment of the Cuban people to their Revolution while urging the US government to respect their sovereign will, as the only way to establish and develop peace between both countries.

The statement also stresses the importance of Article Five of Cuba’s Magna Carta, which appoints the PCC as ‘the superior leading political force of society and the State.’