World Environment Day.

HAVANA, Cuba.- With different actions in favor of sanitation, environmental protection and education, and reforestation, the new generations of Cubans saluted this Tuesday the World Environment Day.

Ricmar Rodríguez Gutiérrez, president of the Youth Technical Brigades (BTJ), referred to the celebration as an opportunity to gather voices and efforts, raise awareness about realities and reaffirm the commitment to the future.

He added every June 5th is an appeal to common sense and, for Cuban children and young people, a day to think of Fidel, founder and inspirer of BTJ and a clairvoyant, whose ideas we must disseminate and defend, because the way to save the planet is in them.

The President of the Youth Technical Brigades remarked that what will be done aims to educate, multiply knowledge and reinforce in the new generations the sense of responsibility with life and the care of environment.