Havana, Cuba.- President of the Republic of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, joins today the plenary meeting of the National Assembly of People’s Power (ANPP) in session here.

It is the seventh session of the IX Legislature of Parliament, meeting taking place in a semi face-to-face platform as the epidemiological situation on the island has significantly improved with the decrease in Covid-19 cases.

The forum is led by head of the ANPP, Esteban Lazo, who also chairs the Council of State.

A part of the representatives returns to Havana’s Congress Center, although the majority participate from their provinces through video-conferences, one of the ways of work for parliament in times of the pandemic.

This has been the case in the last two working days in which legislators fulfilled the parliamentary agenda.

The development of the economy in the first half of the year will the focus of a good part of the meeting, in which representatives will issue a statement on the agreements reached in April by the 8th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba.

The meeting must also approve four bills on the justice system, including one on courts and others on procedural issues.

It will also analyze and recognize the role of science and innovation in the fight against the pandemic and other fronts of national life.