Havana, Cuba.-The Cuban Parliament expressed its support to the Government Statement about the guidelines by US President Donald Trump regarding the island nation that represent a step backwards in the process for rapprochement between both countries.

A statement by the Cuban parliamentary Commission for International Relations read that with the signing of the US presidential memorandum on June 16 in Miami, Trump turned to an already-failed policy, trying to reverse the revolutionary process in Cuba.

It also read that those methods affect the Cuban people and the interests of broad sectors inn the US society, and only satisfy a minority of Cuban origin that is more isolated every time.

The text recalled that for the people in this country, there were no more sacred value than its right to independence and sovereignty, while it expressed the decision to continue its socialist path, despite foreign threats and pressures.

In the document, the legislators urge their peers in the world, regional and international parliamentary organizations and parliamentary friendly groups to demand that the US Congress lifted the economic, trade and financial blockade of Cuba maintained by that power for almost six decades and hardened now.

The also called to demand elimination of the subversive programs, the financing of mercenaries and the return of the territory illegally occupied by the naval base in Guantanamo, in the Cuban southeastern region.

The parliamentarians reaffirmed Cuba’s willingness to negotiate, based on respect and equality with the United States, without giving up its sovereignty and self determination, and the right to continue the sociopolitical project chosen by the Cuban people for its development.
Following the conclusion today of the work of the permanent commissions, prior to the Ninth Ordinary Period of Session of the Eighth Legislature of that body, convened for July 14, legislators will receive information from the different ministries.