Siguaney cement factory, Cuba.

Siguaney cement factory is one of the fundamental sources of pollution in Sancti Spiritus. Photo: Opciones

SANCTI SPIRITUS, Cuba. – The Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment in this province promote investments together with other institutions to reduce atmospheric pollution, a priority of Cuba´s environmental management.

Leonel Diaz, delegate of that ministry in the territory, commented that at Siguaney cement factory, one of the fundamental sources of pollution, they installed filters in chimneys to reduce the dust expulsion.

At that factory, it was set up the first plant for the destruction of ozone-depleting substances in Latin America, which began to function last year.

Diaz noted there are other investments at Sergio Soto Refinery in Cabaiguan and in the Asphalt plant, and that several agencies work together to eradicate air pollution.