Photo: Yoanny Duardo Guevara.

HAVANA, Cuba.- The thirteenth Centenarians Meeting takes place in the context of the fourteenth International Meeting of Longevity in the Convention Palace of Havana.

Glories of Cuban sports like Felix Savon, Javier Sotomayor, Anier Garcia, and Dayron Robles attend the encounter, organized by the Medical Association of the Caribbean and the 120 Years Club.

Participants reflect on what to do in order to live 120 years and more, with an active and satisfactory longevity.

In Cuba, 20, 1% of the population is 60 years old and more, a figure confirming the accelerated demographic ageing process that the country lives.

As part of 2018 Longevity they also met the eleventh International Nursing Meeting and the fourth Symposium on Oral Health in Longevity.