Havana, Cuba.- President Miguel Diaz-Canel has ratified on Sunday Cuba”s resolve to continue pushing ahead its development through the path of the Revolution, despite the escalating aggressiveness by the US Government.

On Twitter, the President referred to steps taken by the Trump administration to increase confrontation with Cuba such as the new measure that reduces visa options for Cuban citizens wishing to visit the US, which will become effective on Monday 18.

‘False incidents against diplomats, Helms-Burton Act, Monroe Doctrine, now the decision to hinder Cuban citizens’ travel, threatening language, a whole aggressive escalation against the Cuban Revolution. But #Cuba firme y decidida #VamosporMas#60YMas #SomosCuba,’ he wrote on his account @DiazCanelB. Last Friday, the US Embassy in Cuba announced that from Monday the B2 visa for family visits, medical consultations, tourist trips and purchases, which until now was granted for five years and allowed multiple entries, will be modified to three months and with only one entry.

As Washington says, the measure is in reciprocity, since US immigration law establishes that visa fees and periods of validity of these are similar to the treatment offered to their countrymen.

In a statement, the Cuban Foreign Ministry considered that the pretext used by Donald Trump’s administration for such a decision was not true, which, it pointed out, constitutes an additional obstacle to the exercise of the right of Cuban citizens to visit their relatives in the US.

Cuba indicated that this new action follows others such as the closure of the services of the US Consulate in Havana and the unjustified interruption of visa granting to Cubans, forcing them to travel to third countries without any guarantee of a favorable response in that regards.

Besides, there is also the failure to comply with the visa quota established by the Migratory Agreements between the two countries.

Nonetheless, the Cuban Government reiterates its willingness to continue working with the US Government to ensure the growing flow of travelers in both directions in a regular, orderly and safe manner.

According to analysts, since Donald Trump’s arrival at the White House, relations between the two nations have been seriously damaged.

US officials do not hide their deliberate strategy to subvert the constitutional order of the Caribbean nation, overthrow the Cuban Revolution, and place a Washington-related administration.