Havana, Cuba.- Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel on Sunday highlighted his meeting on Saturday with US Congressman James McGovern, who fulfilled a broad agenda in Cuba.

‘Yesterday I received the Democratic congressman from the state of Massachusetts James McGovern, who is also the House Rules Committee chairman of the United States,’ the president posted on his Twitter account, on which he has some 113,000 followers.

According to Diaz-Canel, bilateral relations and others issues of common interest were addressed during the meeting.

On Friday, McGovern met in Havana with Johana Tablada, general deputy director of the North America Department at the Foreign Ministry, and participated in a meeting with students from the Higher Institute of International Relations.

On Saturday, the Massachusetts representative also visited Finca Vigia, the house where the US writer and Literature Nobel Prizewinner Ernest Hemingway lived in Cuba.

McGovern toured the museum and attended the opening session of a workshop on document conservation, as part of the restoration project that he has promoted for 15 years.

In statements to Prensa Latina, the Democratic politician favored normal relations between Cuba and the United States, as well as the lifting of the economic blockade imposed on Cuba for almost 60 years and the annulment of the Helms-Burton Act, an initiative in force since 1996 to cause a change of political regime in Cuba.

Most Americans believe in the best relations, and the same thing happens in Congress, but the Donald Trump administration has a different opinion, which I don’t share, McGovern said.