New Delhi, India.- Cuban Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, Rodrigo Malmierca, stated at the Summit of Associations of the Confederation of Industry of India, that Cuba will defend multilateralism at all costs.

Malmierca mentioned Cuba’s points of view on this issue during his speech at the 28th edition of the event, being held until March 15 in New Delhi.

Among his concerns, the minister mentioned, how to recover the levels of economic sustainability affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in different parts of the planet and make climate change, which is always constant, no longer a negative catalyst with irreversible effects.

According to him, it is essential to reinforce the political will of the nations to progress on the paths of economic integration, with the objective that the people can achieve their legitimate development interests to reduce asymmetries.

“Associations must focus on a fair integration of their economies into the flow of international trade, among other objectives,” Malmierca said in his speech.

“Only effective multilateralism will prove to be the strongest pillar of peace in the future. There is no path to peace, as peace is the path, as Mahatma Gandhi said. So, effective multilateralism should also be,” he emphasized.

Malmierca asserted that Cuba will work to defend multilateralism at all costs from the presidency of the 77 Group + China.