Cuban doctors return with satisfaction of fulfilled duty.

Photo: Yoanny Duardo Guevara.

HAVANA, Cuba.- This Tuesday, 203 health workers arrived in Havana after successfully fulfilling their mission in the More Doctors Program in Brazil, who were received by Ministry of Public Health Jose Angel Portal Miranda and other leaders.

At Terminal Nr. 3 of Jose Marti International Airport, Dr. Felix Padilla, on behalf of his colleagues, said they arrive to the homeland more convinced of what it means to be a Cuban doctor, who has exquisite sensibility, human and a foolproof moral quality.

Dr. Padilla added that the Brazilian people not only saw in the Cuban collaborators a great professional, but also love and respect.

The manifestations of love and affection by Brazilian patients were big and very emotional. They were surprised because for the first time they were examined and treated as human beings, Dr. Padilla said.

Loyal to Fidel’s Legacy

This Tuesday is the 147th anniversary of the execution of the eight medical students, and you as they did have tested the courage and dignity of facing the most difficult circumstances at any price.

Vice Minister of Public Health Alfredo Gonzalez said so to the 203 Cuban collaborators who returned to Cuba today after completing their mission in Brazil.

In the act of welcome at Terminal Nr. 3 of Jose Marti International Airport, Gonzalez remarked that in the last five years, thousands of Cuban doctors have filled with love and hope the poorest and most forgotten people of the South American nation.

We feel deep pride, in the midst of so many emotions, that you have been and will remain faithful to the legacy and example of Fidel, Gonzalez concluded.