Havana, Cuba.- Immersed in improving the supply and quality of its services, the Cuban tourism sector is working on a comprehensive plan to also increase its hotel infrastructure, amid growing hostility from the United States.

Tourism is one of the most dynamic spheres of the country’s economy due to its investment and income levels, and the productive chains that accompany the sector.

As such, the Ministry of Tourism (Mintur) is developing a comprehensive strategy for its promotion, which includes the construction of 252 new accommodation facilities, with 68 expansions, and 90 projects to increase raise categories by 2030.

There are also 32 nautical and marine structures planned (new or rehabilitated), an International Diving Center, 13 real estate development plans associated with golf courses (with 15,000 real estate units) and 42 recreational, leisure and adventure projects.

During a recent meeting to analyze the sector, Cuban President, Miguel Diaz-Canel, stressed the importance of tourism for the development of the country.

In that meeting, Tourism Minister Manuel Marrero revealed that at the end of June, Cuba had 72,965 rooms, of which 2,081 were built in 2019.

Cuba planned to attract more than five million visitors this year, but months later lowered the figure to 4.3 million as a result of measures adopted by the Donald Trump administration, which included a ban on cruise ship travel and more restrictions on U.S. visitors.