Havana, Cuba.- Based on climatic forecasts, the Cuban Institute of Meteorology warned about persistent extreme drought nationwide, where measures are being taken to counter this phenomenon.

Institute Scientific Director Vladimir Guevara explained that ‘the nation is practically in the most extreme period, and it should extend during the next months of the low rainy season; meaning the rest of March, April and the climatic beginning of rainfall, set after May 15.’

In March, accumulated rainfalls must be below the historic monthly average in the western and central regions, and within the normal range in eastern Cuba.

Granma newspaper reported that more than 400,000 people are affected by the drought in the country, according to the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources.

The largest number of people affected by the phenomenon are in Guantanamo, followed by Camagüey, Santiago de Cuba, Havana, and Holguin.

Cuban Deputy Prime Minister Ines Maria Chapman recalled that ‘this is not the first time that the country goes through an intense drought, and pointed out that investments have been executed to face this phenomenon.