Cuba-tabacoPinar del Río, Cuba.-The western province of Pinar del Rio starts today labors for the next tobacco campaign which will extend to 19 thousand hectares, according to the program to develop the crop.

Virginio Morales, senior specialist of the crop, said farmers are now intent on contributing to the conservation and improvement of soilsespecialista with the application of organic matter, calcium carbonate and other elements.

He explained at present farmers locate areas destined for seedbeds which will guarantee the future sowing and start hiring producers.

For this stage, the greatest producer of the leaf in the country will increase the areas dedicated to light tobacco with which they expect to cover 400 hectares starting with the insertion of the Pinar del Rio and San Luis municipalities in the Virginia project that advances in Consolacion del Sur.

The harvest of the leaves continues in the fields where over 26 million cujes have been harvested of the 30 million planned, despite the severe drought there are conditions necessary to comply the technical economic plan of 19 thousand tons of tobacco destined to the national industry.