Havana, Cuba.- Partagas cigars are now in high demand by many smokers worldwide, who find in this cigar brand a certain particular mystery.

This enigma was revealed by Barbara Hernandez, director of the Partagas Francisco Perez German Tobacco Company, who discovered as one of the key points the skills of torcedores (hand rollers) and their constant concern for excellence.

Precisely this industry, located in San Carlos street of the municipality of Centro Habana, was the scene of visits made to factories this Thursday of the 2200 participants from 70 countries in the 22nd Habano Festival (February 24 to 28).

Many of the delegates sought in their dialogues with operators and managers the keys to discover how the high quality of Premium Cuban cigars (handmade) is generated, in particular the Partagas brand.

Hernandez commented that his company has 470 workers, 65 percent of whom are women, and 72 percent youths aged 35 to 39.

This industry mainly produces the brands Partagas, Ramon Allones, Quay D´Orsay, Gloria Cubana and Bolivar, although they also produce assortments of others such as Cohiba, H.Upmann, and Romeo y Julieta, achieving versatility of the workforce.

He points out that the realization of nine-month courses for young aspiring hand-rollers is very significant, but it turns out that in order to be a really good cigar roller, you need a minimum of two years experience.

However, when they finish the aforementioned course they begin a long pilgrimage in hand-rollibng, under the view of the most skilled of the factory, because it really is a work of passion, to which many people dedicate their entire lives.

The most experienced then become teachers or transit through the quality departments, or different managerial positions of the factory. The Quality department, for example, has 13 workers from the warehouse, the central control point.

One hundred percent of the production passes evaluation of both the shooting machine and the most knowledgeable in the field, hence the guaranteed quality of these cigars.

The director says that being chosen for visits of participants to the Festival is a boost to quality, which together with effectiveness constitute the daily motto of workers in this industry.

Among the characteristics that must be unalterable in the cigar, there are also the attention to the man who makes it, the environment and the life of the work group. Therefore, the visit allowed delegates to the Festival to understand the keys and mysteries of the Partagas.