Havana, Cuba.- Cuban authorities in the different sectors are reporting today the gradual recovery of services and systems after the serious damage caused by Hurricane Irma in this Caribbean nation.

According to reports, the thermoelectric power plant in Mariel is already distributing energy, it is expected that the Cienfuegos power plant begin functioning, and the workers at the Antonio Guiteras power plant in Matanzas are working intensely for its recovery. All of them are located in the country’s western region.

The transportation of passengers by railroad and the passage by the causeway linking Turiguano and Cayo Coco, in the center-north of Cuba, were also restored.

Despite the damages in agriculture, the peasants in the island use the harvests as much as possible and prepare the cold season with short-cycle crops.

Irma hit with great force most part of the Cuban territory and caused serious affectations. However, the country’s top leadership is confident of the recovery, as well as in the citizen organization, to return to normality as quickly as possible.