Tehran, Iran.- The second presidential council of the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) concluded here today, after two days of debates on the goals and priorities of the organization for this year.

During the final day the general secretary of the Central Cuban Workers, Ulises Guilarte de Nacimiento, in his capacity as vice-president of the WFTU, pointed out that the real panorama is very distant from the centennial objectives of the International Labor Organization.

Recent labor reforms in several countries have eliminated collective bargaining agreements, the precariousness of contracts is growing, migrant workers do not have the minimum guarantees of labor rights and unemployment increases, all together with the propaganda campaign to get Trade unions rid of their classicist role, he expressed.

In his opinion, these constitute the transcendental challenges of the WFTU, to consolidate a platform for union struggle at the national, regional and international levels.

The also member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba added that Cuba will always contribute with its modest resources to the achievement of these revolutionary aims.

During his stay in Iran, the top leader of the Cuban workers also held bilateral meetings with union leaders from several countries and especially with the House of Workers of the Islamic Republic of Iran, whose institution conveyed the solidarity of the Caribbean trade unionists.

The WFTU is an international trade union organization founded in 1945, it currently has 92 million members and its main objective is to ensure that the most basic rights of all workers in the world are guaranteed.