Hanoi, Vietnam.-Vietnam and Cuba analyzed the ways to expand and diversify bilateral trade of merchandise between both nations, in correspondance with mutual interest by the two countries in increasing the economic relations, just at the same level as the political relations, official sources confirmed Friday.

This topic was discussed in the 2nd round of negotiations for a new commercial agreement between Vietnam and Cuba, which was concluded Thursday, after four days of discussion and mutual opinions.

Sources of the Cuban delegation to the meeting told reporters from Prensa Latina that the above-mentioned target might be reached by means of the granting of tariff preferences and the elimination of non-tariff barriers.

They added that with it, they want to establish new bases for the strengthening of the bilateral links between both nations.

The delegations were presided by the respective directors of foreign trade policy of the Ministries of Trade and the Foreign Investment of Cuba, and of Industry and Commerce of Vietnam.

The next negotiation round will be on the first quarter of 2017 in Havana.

Among the countries from Asia and Oceania, Vietnam has been the second commercial partner for Cuba in the last years.