The book was launched at the headquarters of the Communist Party of Peru.

The book was launched at the headquarters of the Communist Party of Peru.

LIMA, Peru. – The book titled Raul Castro and Our America, a compilation on the political thought of the Cuban leader, was launched today in Peru, as part of the fourth day of the Peoples’ Summit.

“Raul is one of the great liberators of our America,” young Cuban researcher Elier Ramirez said. Ramirez and academic Raul Capote exhibited the volume that collects 86 speeches, texts and statements about the problems and challenges of Latin America.

In intervening in the event, Capote pointed out that you cannot approach that book without the respectful reverence of the revolutionary who recognizes a leader who won his prestige for what he did, what he does and what he will do.

Peruvian academic Lourdes Krugman highlighted the example of the Cuban revolutionary process and said that with an unwavering internationalism they will always have to thank the Cuban people.

Another book that is launched this Friday in Lima is Official Aid to the Development of Cuba in the World that will be presented by his author, Guatemalan Doctor in Sciences Henry Morales, who addresses subjects like health, education and sports, among others.

Morales’ work places Cuba as the first donor of aid for Development in Latin America and the Caribbean and one of the first in the world.

Parliamentarians, Businessmen and Young People

Cuba´s experience in the approach of the organs of People´s Power to the citizenship was presented by a group of Cuban legislators in the meeting of the Open Parliament Network of Parlamericas, which meets in Peru as part of the parallel forums of the eighth Summit of the Americas.

Parliamentarian Belkys Perez Cruz shared views on actions to improve citizen participation, transparency, access to information and accountability.

In another place of the Peruvian capital, the Cuban contribution led the fifth Youth Forum of the Americas to speak out against interference and meddling in the internal affairs of nations.

Also the so-called Business Summit, which meets at the central Westin Lima Hotel, fulfilled the penultimate working day, marked by the continuation of the exchange between entrepreneurs.