Caracas, Venezuela.- The National Electoral Council (CNE) of Venezuela today called a special Electoral Registration for new voters prior to the elections of the municipal councils on December 9.

CNE President Tibisay Lucena said that this preparation for the return to the polls will conclude on August 23 and will allow updating the data of registered Venezuelans who will vote to elect the council people in all 335 municipalities of the country.

This process will involve people over 18 years of age or who will turn 18 until December 9, 2018, in addition to foreigners residing in the country for more than ten years who are in the Electoral Register of their municipalities.

At the elections of the municipal councils, Venezuelans will elect 4,900 representatives and their respective substitutes. Of them, 1,703 will be elected in a nominal way, 685 by lists and 69 by indigenous communities.

The campaign for these elections, in which the opposition refused to participate with its abstention policy, will last 16 days, from November 22 to December 7 at midnight.