Havana, Cuba.-The Inter-religious Foundation for Community Organization (IFCO) Pastors for Peace will continue their humanitarian support to Cuba, despite the pressure from the US Government, according to reports today.

It is necessary to say that if the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) finally revokes IFCO’s status of tax-free organization, it will not stop our work, the organization’s president, Thomas Smith, told the magazine Siempre con Cuba (Always with Cuba).

Smith also ratified the promise by IFCO to find ways to accomplish its main mission, working for social justice.

We are proud of our success in delivering thousands of tons of humanitarian aid from the US people to Cuba, despite the long, immoral and unfair blockade of this country imposed by Government in the United States for more than 50 years, he remarked.

For the religious leader, the immediate purpose of IFCO is to continue promoting among the US youths the Cuban offers of free scholarships to study at the Latin American School of Medicine, from where 145 of his fellow citizens have already graduated to work as doctors in communities in their country with poor medical assistance.

Smith thanked the support from the Cuban authorities and people, faced with the threats by the IRS.

Cuba is respected all around the world. Thus, supporting it is very important and the fact that the issue remains visible in the Cuban media allows our friends around the world expressing their support for IFCO and their repudiation to the attacks by the IRS, Smith highlighted.