Rosario, Argentina.- Members of the Multisector Rosario Argentinean Movement of Solidarity with Cuba (MasCuba) are organizing the 16th National Meeting with the Caribbean island to honor one of the greatest sons of this city, Ernesto Che Guevara.

‘With the Cuban Revolution and the Greater Homeland (Latin America)’ is the slogan of this event that will pay tribute to Che on his 90th birthday and the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution.

United by the love they feel for Cuba and the 1959 revolutionary triumph led by Commander Fidel Castro, Rosario representatives of MasCuba, along with other members of the Movement, outlined the program of activities that will feature several international guests.

The event, to be run from June 14 to 17, will be marked by the validity of the thinking and legacy of two great world leaders, dear friends and revolutionaries: Che and Fidel.

In statements to Prensa Latina, Alicia Simeone, one of the Rosario multisector members, remarked that the 90th birthday of Commander Guevara is for the Argentinean people a date of great significance that goes beyond paying tribute.

For Edgardo Luciano, solidarity with Cuba from Rosario, which dates from 1957, has a rich history and several objectives and one of them is to bring Che’s thinking to 2018.

For Cristina Solano, another Rosario multisector member, at very difficult times like the ones we are living in Argentina, Latin America and most part of the world, with an advance of the right wing, hoisting the flags of Che and Fidel from this city is to demonstrate that socialism is possible.