Havana, Cuba.- Cuba received a donation from China’s government to contribute to the fight against the novel coronavirus, causing Covid-19, confirmed this Monday Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla.

‘Our government and people thanked it. It is an example of the deep friendship that unites us. In times of pandemic, solidarity and cooperation save lives,’ tweeted the minister of Foreign Affairs.

Last week, Cuba denounced that another Chinese delivery did not manage to enter the country because of the US blockade.

Washington’s unilateral sanctions stopped China’s private Alibaba company to deliver a load of facial masks and kits to diagnose Covid-19 since the company in charge of transportation declined the task due to the White House’s regulations.

In the midst of the pandemic, many voices urge the US to lift unilateral measures against Cuba and other nations to guarantee them the access to humanitarian aid and products they need for their respective peoples.

However, the White House dismisses the calls and even threatens with the tightening of its coercive politics.

In Cuba’s case, the Trump administration tightened lately the blockade by strong limitations to family remittances, restrictions on people-to-people contact and a growing harassment to foreign companies with businesses in the country.