Artemisa, Cuba – The Organization of University Students (FEU) of these times, its challenges, commitments with the Revolution and projections, was at the center of the approaches of the university students at the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the province of Artemisa where the assemblies of universities began in the country prior to the Ninth Congress of the organization.

The future professionals of the health sector, deepened in the current role of the organization and its functioning, and in the high commitment of the university students which are the present and future of the continuity of the revolutionary process in Cuba.

For next July with the slogan – Revolution, a formula to win, our mission is to fulfill – will be in session the Congress of the Cuban university students, according to the member of the Council of State and president of the FEU, Raúl Alejandro Palmero.

As part of the organic process of the student meeting until June 7 in the 39 higher education centers of the country, are going to take place the assemblies that will conclude at the University of Havana.