cuba-bloqueo-informeBelgrade, serbia.-Serbian Network of Intellectuals, Artists and Social Movements in Defense of Humanity described today as urgent the end of the US economic, trade and financial blockade of Cuba.

In a communique circulated in this capital, sent to the United Nations (UN) General Assembly, which should vote tomorrow a bill on the issue, the network denounced that Washington’s policy towards Cuba since the establishment of those sanctions in October, 1960 up to the present, is contrary to the fundamental principles of the UN, the international law, the equality of States, non-interference in their internal affairs and respect to the freedom of international trade.

We are expressing our unrestricted support to the Cuban people, which has resisted pressures and unacceptable punishments for more than 50 years, just be cause it defended its freedom, the Serbian intellectuals asserted.

They highlighted how the Cuban people put and end to the regrettable state of the country before the first half of the past century, when it was a backyard to the United States.

The document signed by Ratko Krsmanovic, president of the institution, recalled that despite the efforts by Washington to break Cuba and overthrow its Government and the authority of Fidel Castro, it remains stable and prosperous.