Havana, Cuba.- “The campaigns to sow mistrust, divisions and hatred among us have failed”, said the president of Casa de las Américas, Abel Prieto, on his Twitter account referring to the results of the parliamentary elections in Cuba.

Regarding the maneuvers against the electoral process on the Caribbean island, in a previous message President Miguel Díaz-Canel assured that “those who do not know us and oppose us, who underestimate and disrespect the strength of this people, I repeat to you Cubanly: your criteria slip away from us.”

Preliminary data from the National Electoral Council (CEN) indicates the election of all the candidates proposed to integrate the Tenth Legislature of the National Assembly of Popular Power was higher than recent previous elections.

The electoral process concludes on April 19 with the constitution of the parliament, the election of its board of directors, the Council of State, and the president and vice president of the Republic.