Council of Ministers creates working group to face Covid-19

Photo/ Estudios Revolucion.

HAVANA, Cuba.- The Council of Ministers of Cuba created a temporary working group to strengthen the facing of Covid-19, official sources reported.

Under the guidance of the Deputy Prime Minister and Head of Economy and Planning, Alejandro Gil, several ministers will join this group, according to a review of the meeting of the highest governing body on the island.

This event was led by President Miguel Diaz-Canel and Prime Minister Manuel Marrero, who said that the new decisions to contain the impact of Coronavirus will be known today in the Round Table TV program, starting at 6 p.m.

Demand must be reinforced, Manuel Marrero said, mainly in the actions of local governments, who must face the wrong, in conjunction with the National Revolutionary Police, with the aim of preserving the lives of all citizens.