A proclamation for yesterday and forever

Cuba follows the socialist course proclaimed by Fidel. Photo/Granma.

HAVANA, Cuba.- Still with the wounds opened by the bombings against the airbases of Ciudad Libertad, San Antonio de los Banos and Santiago de Cuba, and the threat – later certainty – of another attack, Fidel proclaimed to the world the socialist character of the Revolution.

Exactly 59 years have passed of that defining act of principle, followed by a Giron, or what is the same, a socialist victory that confirmed the irreversible path of the country.

“What imperialists cannot forgive us is that we are here, what imperialists cannot forgive us is dignity, fortitude, courage, ideological firmness, the spirit of sacrifice and the revolutionary spirit of the people of Cuba,” Fidel would say on the corner of 23 and 12 St., in Vedado, Havana.

Today, in a no less complex context, we continue to defend the same socialist essence.