Etiqueta: Frank Pais
30 November, 2017 They Remember Armed Uprising in Santiago de Cuba

With the placement of a floral offering from Army General Raul Castro in the memorial to the fallen in the armed uprising of Santiago de Cuba, began this Thursday the ceremony of remembrance of the historical feat led by Frank Pais in support of Granma yacht’s landing.

16 August, 2017 Nicolas Maduro’s Tribute in St. Iphigenia

President Nicolas Maduro Moros arrived in St. Iphigenia Cemetery this Tuesday afternoon, accompanied by Army General Raul Castro Ruz to pay tribute to national hero Jose Marti and Commander-in-Chief of the Cuban Revolution, on the 91 anniversary of his birthday.

28 July, 2017 Tribute to Frank Pais and Raul Pujols

The people in Santiago de Cuba will pay tribute to Frank Pais and Raul Pujols, when he was 60 years after their cowardly assassination on July 30, now the Day of the Martyrs of the Revolution.

26 July, 2017 A Guide, a Day

Carlos Manuel de Cespedes´s countrymen entrusted a young law student with the Demajagua Bell, to make it touch again against the demagoguery and corruption of politicians

7 June, 2017 Homage to Vilma Espin in Granma

Meetings of members of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) with students and professors from teacher training schools in Bayamo and Manzanillo marked the beginning of the activities of homage and remembrance in Granma to Vilma Espin, founding president of that organization.

24 May, 2017 Comrades-in-Arm Remembers Frank Pais

Comrades-in-Arm close to Frank Pais Garcia, leader of the clandestine struggle, highlighted this Wednesday in Santiago de Cuba the qualities of the young revolutionary, killed sixty years ago on July 30