Etiqueta: Eusebio Leal
13 November, 2019 Spain Honors Eusebio Leal

The King of Spain, Felipe VI, decorated this Wednesday the Historian of the city of Havana, Eusebio Leal, with the Grand Cross of the Royal and Distinguished Spanish Order of Charles III, the dean of the Spanish distinctions and the highest of the civil orders granted by the Iberian nation.

8 February, 2018 They Launch Book Raul Castro and Our America

The book Raul Castro and Our America. 86 speeches, interventions and statements, compiled by Abel Gonzalez Santamaria and published by Capitan San Luis Publisher House, was presented at the International Book Fair of Havana.

18 January, 2018 Russia Delivers Friendship Medal to Eusebio Leal

In charge of Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, the Ambassador of that country in Cuba, Mikhail Kamynin, decorated with the Order of Friendship to Eusebio Leal, Historian of the City of Havana.

10 October, 2017 Raul Presided Homage to Cespedes and Mariana Grajales

On the anniversary 149 of the beginning of the War of Independence, Army General Raul Castro presided over in Santiago de Cuba the solemn burial ceremony of Carlos Manuel de Cespedes´s and Mariana Grajales´s remains in mausoleums located now in the patrimonial area of Santa Iphigenia Cemetery.

7 June, 2017 Eusebio Leal Receives Replica of Marti´s Gavel

Visibly moved, Eusebio Leal, historian of Havana, received this Wednesday the replica of Marti´s Gavel, granted by the National Council of the National Union of Jurists of Cuba, in the presence of Cuban Vice-President Jose Ramon Machado Ventura.

9 May, 2017 A Meeting Point between Cuba and Europe

The Ambassador of the European Union in Cuba, Herman Portocarero, said today that the inauguration of the permanent chambers of the Center for the Interpretation of Cultural Relations between the two regions is a great example of the presence of the Old Continent in Cuba.