Fiji's Prime Minister tours Old Havana Historic Center

Photo: Modesto Gutierrez Cabo/ ACN

HAVANA, Cuba.- Josaia Voregue Bainimarama, Fiji’s Prime Minister, visited the Old Havana Historic Center, and becomes the first of such a high rank of that South Pacific nation to tour the oldest part of the Cuban capital.

Guided by Dr. Michael Gonzalez, director of Cultural Heritage of the Office of the Historian of Havana, Bainimarama visited the Templete, and from there he learned details of the foundation of the Village of Saint Christopher of Havana five centuries ago.

The Prime Minister of Fiji also toured Real Fuerza Castle, where he became acquainted with naval history, and could appreciate a replica of the world’s largest ship in the18th century, built in Cuba.

The visitor exchanged with people along Mercaderes Street to the House of Asia, where he glimpsed part of the collection, and spoke with children belonging to the Museum Classroom project of the Heritage Education course of that institution.