Havana, Cuba.- Cuban President, Miguel Diaz-Canel evaluated the work of medical care, illness prevention and the hygiene and epidemiological system of the island.

In a meeting dealing with the national health program, Diaz-Canel also checked on the refurbishment of health centers and medical training, among other issues, said a report on the evening news program of National TV.

This is a very sensitive sector for the population and thus there is great commitment, he said.

We have attained great achievements, but we are pressed by the economic and financial situation of the country, and this is only toned down by the good attention and quality of services, stressed the head of State.

We must insist that work be done professionally and ethically, while calling attention to work to eliminate illegalities and botches.

At the meeting, Cuban Health Minister, Jose Angel Portal, reported that Cuba has over 92 thousand doctors and a total 482 thousand health workers.

He detailed that last year were carried out 83 million medical consultations and one million 85 thousand 623 surgeries, of these, 57 thousand 55 by minimum access.