Santa Clara, Cuba.- Cuban cartoonist Alfredo Martirena said that ”a good journalist prefers to save his news better than his own life” so does he with his work, and won the Award to Excellency at the Caricature Contest on Freedom of the Press in Canada.

The winning cartoon work by Martirena at the 19th edition of the Cartoon Contest on Freedom of Press, describes a reporter at a trench while protecting his own laptop computer machine with his own body, in a profesional gesture, preserving his professional work, before preserving his life.

‘The cartoon is a tribute to the hundreds of journalists who are killed every year in different parts of the world, acting as reporters, photographers or cameramen, with the healthy purpose of reporting acts of corruption or maltreatment of citizens,’ he said.

This event was organized this year by the Canadian Committee for World Press Freedom and the central topic was ‘Open Season for Journalists’, with 370 entries from 29 countries.

Martirena, a cartoonist for Cuban weekly Melaito, in the Cuban province of Villa Clara, won this contest five years ago and has also won the Eduardo Abela Grand Prize twice, at the International Biennial of Graphic Humorism, Cuba, 2011 and 2017.

In addition to Alfredo Martirena, cartoonists Musa Gumus, Hicabi Demirci and Kaan Saatci from Turkey, Sergii Riabokon from Ukraine, James Silk and Chip Bok from the United States, Dario Castillejos from Mexico, Niels Bo Bojesen from Denmark and Marco De Angelis from Italy, also received the Excellence Award.