Tegucigalpa, Honduras.- The three main political forces in Honduras and two other parties in the National Congress coincided in a unanimous pronouncement to thank the Cuban medical brigade for its solidarity work against COVID-19 in that country.

Through this action in the Legislative, the five parliamentary groups recognized in a public statement the support of the Cuban people and government in favor of the Honduran people.

The communiqué notes that the group of Cuban health workers are deployed in the Sula Valley, considered to be ground zero of the pandemic in that Central American country.

“We celebrate the will of a people who, although they are subject to an inhumane blockade by the administration of (US) President Donald J. Trump, do not give up and do not let themselves be defeated by hatred, on the contrary, they offer their hearts to the world.”

The Honduran parliamentarians recalled that in the context of the current global pandemic more than 1,370 Cuban health professionals are working to save lives in 22 nations around the world.

The Freedom and Refoundation Party (Libre) of former President Manuel Zelaya was responsible for the initiative, which was signed by its deputies Jorge Cálix, Carlos Zelaya, Olivia Marcela Zúñiga and Francisco Paz.

The parliamentarians Antonio Rivera and Johanna Bermúdez signed for the ruling National Party and for the also traditionalist Liberal Party, three of their seats were occupied by Gloria Bonilla, Mario Noé Villafranca and Mario Segura.

The minority parties Innovación y Unidad and Alianza Patriótica also supported the Libre proposal.